Method 1: Screws Visible
  1. Pre-drill holes (1/4-in diam.)
    into each plank. (#10 stainless steel wood screws)

Method 2: Screws Invisible
  1. Pre-drill holes (5/16-in diam.) into each plank.
  2. Counter sink all holes (1/2-in.diam.) at a depth of 3/8 in.
  3. Apply screw caps (available as accessories) to hide screws (flat screw caps are 1/2 in. diam)


1 - Tongue and groove
  1. Pre-drill 7/32" diameter holes
  2. Countersink holes and use 2" length #8 stainless steel flat-head wood screws
  3. Leave a space of 1/32" between each plan

2 - Brackets
  1. Pre-drill holes (1/8-in diam.) into each plank at a depth of 3/4 in.
  2. Fit planks with galvanized metal angles. Working from under, secure planks to joists.

  • PERMA-DECK can be cut, drilled, mitered and sanded with conventional wood working tools. Carbide tipped saw blades are required. Carbide tipped router bits can be used for smoother edge

  • Stainless steel screws are required. Install 2 per end of board and alternate in the middle

  • Pre-drilling is required on all decking boards. Pre-drill with a hole overboard to the next screw size (1/4" drill bit for #10 screws)

  • All fasteners should be placed no closer than " from any edge

  • The uses of adhesives is not recommended

Design considerations

  • PERMA-DECK will expand and contract approx. " per 8 board feet over a wide range in temperature. Design considerations should allow for this movement

  • When framing, the end of each PERMA-DECK decking board must be on a full joist

  • Before installing PERMA-DECK on your wood frame, make sure the frame is fully dried, leveled and squared

    If you need to notch a PERMA-DECK deck board around a post you must only use " L" notch. The board can be no longer than 4 feet and you must have at least a " gap at the post


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  • The maximum decking span is 12" on center for 1" thick boards and 16" on center for 5/4, 2x6 and Tongue and groove boards at 90 degrees of the joist. For conventional designs with proper support systems, consult PERMA-DECK span chart for specific guidance
  • Abnormal boarding on the deck surface with large planter, hot tubs, etc. may require shorter spans and/or additional sub-structure supports

  • If installing on a 30 or 45 degree angle, call your distributor for design considerations