combines both economy and durability. The practical furnishings of this series have a simple assembly of strong plastic slats over a tough frame that will endure the test, making them perfect for any high maintenance cost park or recreational site.
60" Straight Bench
60" Standard Bench 168* 72" Standard Bench 168* <60" Deco Bench 174* 72" Deco Bench 174*
60" Econo Bench
60" Picnic Table
72" Galvanized Table
72" Picnic Table 72" Picnic Table, three supports
96" Picnic Table 96" Wheelchair accessible gal. (one end)
60" Wheelchair accessible table (one side) 96" Wheelchair accessible table (one end)
comprises three kinds of flower planters, each in three different sizes. A trash receptacle is also available from the Park Series. The technical drawings below gives an overview of these complementary accessories.
32 US ga Trash Receptacle
Flower Planter
Flower Planter
Flower Planter